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Næstved - Resource City

Resource City - Næstved

Resource City

The centrally located former papermill, Ny Maglemølle Papirfabrik, makes up the surroundings for the cluster of recycling and upcycling businesses. The old industrial site is categorized as a unique cultural heritage site by the Danish Agency for Culture. Production ceased in 1992, after which the buildings were occupied by a number of smaller to medium sized businesses.

Ressource City is offering opportunities in a unique location in central Næstved in the former Maglemølle papermill. Ressource City supports businesses within the circular economy.

Ressource City is the vision of how a more fruitful utilization of waste materials can catalyze development in Næstved municipality.

In Ressource City we make trash our business. We are working towards a future scenario in which we will be the centre of a green business cluster where trash is a resource that is at hand and plenty.

The location currently houses Reiling, Denmark’s largest glass-recycling company. The site also hosts Ragn-Sells, an international distributor of recyclables. Furthermore Maglemølle is the home to some 200 leases.

Ressource City offers vision, unique space at great prices, political support from local administration and a collaborative network of partners.

Furthermore, we are offering future partners the opportunity to send out a clear message. Becoming part of Ressource City you also become part of the innovative and sustainable profile for the benefit of future customer relations, business partners and employees.

Large imminent investments in local and regional infrastructure will bring about lower transportation time to Copenhagen: just 35 minutes by train and less than an hour by car.

Næstved’s inner city is made object to significant investments as well. The highlighted focus on the inner city will come to show in the nearest future, as the city center development strategy is put to life. The plan is a central development tool for local administration and it is focused on creating more attractive spaces, more attractive housing and a more flourishing city life, in order to create a richer experience of Næstved City, both for inhabitants and guests.

Maria Tan


Maria Louise Tan Nielsen

Project Manager, Ressource City
Phone: + 45 55 88 60 96
Mobile: + 45 21 47 89 62



Area (m2)
Buildings  79
Market rate per m2, industry (prime rent) 47 euro
Market rate per m2, industry (secondary rent) 20 euro
Market rate per m2, offices (prime rent) 134 euro
Market rate per m2, offices (secondary rent) 53 euro
Yield, industry (prime yield) 8.00%
Yield, industry (secondary yield) 12.00%
Yield, offices (prime yield) 5.50%
Yield, offices (secondary yield) 8.50%


Centre of Copenhagen 85 km
Fehmarn Belt (link to Germany)
95 km
Great Belt (link to Jutland) 51 km


Read Sadolin & Albæk definition of market rate and yield here.

Facts provided April 1 2015 by Sadolin & Albæk.

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Maria Tan


Maria Louise Tan Nielsen

Project Manager, Ressource City
Phone: + 45 55 88 60 96
Mobile: + 45 21 47 89 62