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Greater Copenhagen is great for business. Here you will find some of the best property investment opportunities – high yields, low transaction costs and major new urban development areas.

High yield on property investments

The yield on investments in Copenhagen is high compared to most other European countries. For example, the yield on the best located retail properties in Copenhagen is around 1 percentage point higher than in Munich and Paris – and up to 2 percentage points higher than in London.

Low transaction costs

Property investment transaction costs in Denmark are highly competitive. In Copenhagen, the costs amount to 1-2% of the cash price. In many other European countries, the costs are 5-6% of the cash price.

Stable economy

The Danish economy has performed well before, during and after the financial crisis. The national debt is low, and the development of the Danish economy is significantly less volatile over time than most other European economies. As a result, Denmark gets an AAA rating by Standard & Poor’s.

Unique mortgage system

Denmark is the European country with the lowest borrowing costs for the first 60% of the property value, owing to Denmark’s unique mortgage system. The current annual interest payment is 0.8-1.5% in comparison to 1.5-2.5% in many other European countries.

Major new urban development areas

Greater Copenhagen has 20 new urban development areas to offer, many of them near the city centre. The urban development areas include former commercial harbour and industrial areas which are being transformed into attractive residential areas complete with schools, day care institutions, sports and leisure facilities as well as modern office buildings. Moreover, many of the urban development areas will be transformed into climate-friendly city districts.

Free business services

Founded as non-profit organisations, Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Skåne offers free business consulting services to foreign-owned businesses contemplating investing or locating in Greater Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Capacity is the official Danish investment promotion agency for Greater Copenhagen.

Invest in Skåne is the official investment promotion agency for the southernmost part of Sweden, Skåne. 

More information to make your investments grow

Download "Copenhagen - A safe investment habour - 2018" for more information about the Greater Copenhagen property investment market.


Find investment properties in Greater Copenhagen

Find Danish investment properties at, Denmarks largest database for commercial real estate. 


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International investors

Leading foreign investors on the Danish commercial real estate market:

  • Patrizia (Germany)
  • NREP
  • Niam (Sweden)
  • Standard Life Investment (United Kingdom)
  • Heimstaden (Sweden)
  • AB Balder (Sweden)
  • ECE (Germany)
  • Pears Global Real Estate Investors (United Kingdom)
  • Wihlborgs (Sweden)
  • BlackRock (USA)
  • Aberdeen Property Investors (United Kingdom)
  • CBRE Global Investors (USA)
  • Cordea Savills (Canada)
  • Europa Capital (United Kingdom)
  • Bouwfond Investment Management (The Netherlands)
  • M&G Real Estate (United Kingdom)
  • Hines (Germany)
  • Solstra (United Kingdom)
  • M7 Real Estate (United Kingdom)
  • Citycon (Finland)
  • CapMan (Finland)
  • Sveafastigheter (Sweden)
  • Oaktree (USA)
  • Meyer Bergman (United Kingdom)
  • AEW Europe (France)