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New North Zealand Hospital

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New North Zealand Hospital

All the functions of a hospital will be gathered in one organic building, shaped like a clover leaf. The hospital will contain a large garden in its center and be adapted to the surrounding Danish landscape. Unlike traditional hospitals the architecture will be kept on a human scale. The horizontal building will have a modest four floors at its highest point and short internal connections that will foster exchange across the various departments. All in order to reach the common goal: the healing of the aching human being.

New North Zealand Hospital – designed by Herzog & de Meuron – will set new standards in health care design and health care delivery.

With a modest four floors at its highest point, New North Zealand Hospital is designed on a very human scale despite its large size. All the functions of the hospital will be gathered in one organic building. The soft form of a four-leaf clover connects the many components of the hospital and ensures a feeling of safety as well as efficient flows.

The scale of the architecture is downplayed to an expression, which aesthetically as well as functionally provides the building with a conceptual, non-monumental vocabulary.

New North Zealand Hospital is surrounded by nature and contains a large, green garden in its centre. From the roof gardens, the hospital is perceived as a two-story complex. Strategically placed atriums will ensure daylight at all the lower levels of the hospital. To support the healing of each patient the wards, located at the top levels, will have a view over the garden in the centre or over the surrounding landscape. Nature is thus an integrated part of the hospital, both on the inside and on the outside, where the hospital organically reaches out into the Danish landscape.

The hospital will furthermore be the main statement of a new urban development area Favrholm that will be established in the area along with a new infrastructure and a new railway station.

The aesthetic, amorphous building will be equipped with the most innovative technological solutions and optimized logistically in all respects. The human design of the hospital is thus combined with the functionality of a frictionless machine in order to meet the patients’ expectations at all times and ensure each patient the best possible healing process.

Client: Capital Region of Denmark
Architects: Herzog & de Meuron, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects



Key figures


124,000 m2

Project Owner:

Capital Region of Denmark

Timeline 2014-2020:

- 2014-2015
   Building programme

- 2015-2016
Conceptual design and draft proposal

- 2016-2017
Preliminary design and detailed design
   Call for tenders and award of contracts

- 2017-2020

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Call for tenders: January 2017

IT Medico & equipment:

Call for tenders: TBA




Henrik Schødts
Project Chief Executive
Tel: +45 23237758

Sune From
Project Director
Tel: +45 51561038


  • Acute hospital
  • 310,000 citizens
  • 662 single patient rooms
  • 500,000 outpatient treatments
  • 24 medical departments
  • 4,000 employees
  • 124,000 sqm
  • 4 billion DKK (700 million $) - of these: IT medico & equipment, 700 million DKK (120 million $)
  • New train station
  • Urban planning