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Gribskov - Troldebakkerne development area

Troldebakkerne - Helsinge

Troldebakkerne near Helsinge

A residential area for 1,500 new inhabitants, covering 70 acres

Troldebakkerne is the name of a future residential area covering 70 acres North of Helsinge in Gribskov Municipality.

Troldebakkerne (in English: "The Troll Hills") will form a brand new part of the existing town of Helsinge, the main town of Gribskov Municipality,  in the middle of North Zealand.

The new area will make room for 1,500 new inhabitants to the 8,000 people already living in Helsinge.  

The vision is to develop an urban area based on ideas of community, the combining of natural and urban spaces, edible landscapes between housing, and the concept of circular economy.

In the autumn of 2017 the Municipality of Gribskov has begun discussions with the building and development contractors that are to collaborate on realizing and building the new district.

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Further information

City planner Mads Emil Rybner
Gribskov Municipality
Tel.: +45 72 49 68 21


  • A greenfield site consisting of 70 acres of mixed public and privately owned land which is to be transformed into the new urban district
  • The eastern 35 acres of the area is owned by Gribskov Municipality. In the eastern part of the city there is an existing walkway that will connect the new part of the city with the old. There are also plans to locate a new kindergarten and train station in the eastern part of the city
  • The Tisvilde-Hillerød train line will have a station close to Troldebakkerne
  • Troldebakkerne is close to schools, shops, leisure facilities, the local high school and public transport
  • The completed residential area of Helsinge Nord will contain approximately 700 different houses arranged in small clusters which will stimulate a great sense of community
  • The development will create homes for 1,500 new inhabitants

Time Line

  • 2017/2018: planning phase
  • 2018/2019: land development and building phase
  • 2019/2020: first Residents moving in
  • The development of Troldebakkerne is expected to be fully developed completed within 15-20 years


  • Helsinge city centre 1.5 km
  • Train station 2 km
  • Copenhagen city 51 km
  • Copenhagen Airport 69 km

Further information

City planner Mads Emil Rybner
Gribskov Municipality
Tel.: +45 72 49 68 21