Hyllie is a part of Malmö that is focussed on the future, as well as a communication point with exceptional accessibility to the whole region. A new city centre with a strong environment profile and climate-smart solutions is being developed here. Located near the station, there are meeting points for events and trade, office buildings in attractive business environments, and apartments with a high living standard. All close to cultural landscapes as well as the continent.

Plans to expand southern Malmö have existed since as long back as the 60s. But it wasn’t until the decision regarding the City Tunnel and a train station in Hyllie was made that the expansion took off in earnest. To promote growth, the City of Malmö – which is the driving party – is planning several functions in collaboration with just over 30 parties. 

In the middle of Hyllie’s station square, you’ll find the arrival hall with exits down to the trains. Point Hyllie with its hotels and office spaces is also located here. Malmö Arena, Malmömässan, shopping centre Emporia, hotels, office buildings and Hyllie’s water park with knowledge centre Kretseum below Hyllie’s water tower are also close by. 

In the northern part of the area is Hylliebadet, surrounded by a park with gardens and a skatepark. 2,500 homes are being built successively, until 2018, in blocks along the main streets, close to preschools and compulsory schools. 

Hyllie offers proximity to everything. City and landscape, big and small, green areas and colourful architecture meet here. Going north, Hyllie is a three minute train ride away from the Triangeln station. Going south, miles upon miles of Söderslätt stretch out. And to the west, with Kastrup as the nearest station, is the rest of the world. 

Fully developed, the area is estimated to include around 12,000 homes and as many workplaces. The unique communications spot with city buildings, park environments and cultural landscapes creates attractive environments for residents, visitors and businesses.

Now we’re developing more – and there is room for more people.


The expansion area covers just over 200 hectares, and stretches from Holma/Kroksbäck in the north, along Pildammsvägen in the east and Lorensborgsgatan in the west, down to the outer ring road in the south.


Stage 1 (2012 – 2015): 443 homes completed. 

Stage 2 (2016 – 2018): 1,574 homes completed. 

Local plans for more homes are in progress. Fully developed, there will be around 12,000 homes, of which at least 50 % will be rental ones. 

The size of the average household is 2.19 people (according to SCB, Statistics Sweden), which is equivalent to just over 26,000 people.


Stage 1 (2010 – 2016): around 80,000 square metres of office surface, close to the station, ready and rented. 

Stage 2 (2017 – 2019): nine new office projects in the centre area with a combined surface area of around 60,000 square metres. 

Stage 3 (2019 –): a further 60,000 square metres reserved for office buildings in the southern part of the centre area and onwards down to operations area Vintrie Park where Ikea’s Hubhult has been located since 2015. 

Fully developed, the area is expected to include over 15,000 workplaces, calculated based on an average surface of 20 square metres per employee (as per the guidelines of the Swedish Work Environment Authority).

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