Overview of Kronan, Landskrona

East of Landskrona in southern Sweden, there are around 250,000m² of municipal land available. Along the E6 motorway, 40,000 vehicles pass each day, making Kronan an unbeatable location in the Greater Copenhagen metropolitan region with excellent exposure. It is particularly appropriate for logistics companies and companies that have to manage extensive transports.

Over the years, food companies such as Santa Maria, Oatly and Pålssons Lax have chosen to establish operations here. Many new companies are in the process of doing the same, which strengthens the area in the service and retail sectors. The area is well-suited for vehicular operations such as retail and service providers but also for logistics companies.

The area is currently serviced by public transport and routes may be expanded as the area is being developed. In around five minutes by car, you reach Landskrona town centre with a a wide range of restaurants and shops. There is also a bicycle bridge for increased accessibility.

Properties are parcelled as needed and vary in size from approximately 10,000 - 40,000m² depending on business requirements. The area is zoned for industry and retail. The land is sold as is, costs for parcelling and connections are not included.

Fibre Optic Broadband is installed and connections to private sidings are possible.

Facts about Kronan

Total area: 250,000 square metres of municipal land

Planned square-metre floor area in addition to existing construction:

Price: SEK  250 per square metre


  • Motorway 100 metres, Railway station 2 km, Landskrona town centre 3 km.
  • Distance to major cities: Malmö 30 km, Sturup 65 km, Copenhagen 85 km, Copenhagen Airport 77 km, Lund 30 km, Helsingborg 25 km.

Type of area: Logistics and service providers, some retail may be enabled