Nature plays an active role in the built-up areas of NærHeden


Nærheden is the suburb of tomorrow where high-density urban life meets green traditional suburbia.

Nærheden is the suburb of tomorrow where high-density urban life meets green traditional suburbia.

Nærheden is one of Denmark’s largest urban development projects. Situated near the city of Copenhagen, Hedehusene railway station and with good access to the motorway network, Nærheden occupies a prime location in Greater Copenhagen.

The main purpose of the project is to develop a modern and sustainable version of the suburb with 3,000 dwellings, 8,000 new citizens, and offices, retail, a school, institutions and cultural activities.

Nærheden will be denser and more urban than the classical suburb, and the new city district will offer many opportunities for a convenient everyday life and strong communities.

Key values of the project

Convenience and community are key values in Nærheden. 

Convenience means easy transport links, modern residential buildings with low consumption costs, local shopping, a range of local leisure activities, short distances to school, childcare facilities, natural surroundings and sports facilities.  

Nærheden provides the best framework for communities to grow.

Shared facilities such as community houses, common gardens, car sharing and high-quality urban spaces encourage inhabitants to engage in different activities and to share common interests. Each dwelling still has a smaller private area in order to fulfil the need for privacy.

A public-private partnership

NærHeden P/S is a partnership between the Municipality of Høje-Taastrup and Realdania By & Byg.

NærHeden P/S will construct all necessary infrastructure including roads, district heating, water and electricity supply as well as high-quality public spaces. The company will be selling building plots to investors intending to construct residential and office buildings in agreement with NærHeden P/S.

A new sports facility in the center of Nærheden opened in January 2017 and the first residents will move in to Nærheden in March 2018. A new bridge connecting Hedehusene with Nærheden will open in a few years as well as a new and very ambitious school developed in cooperation with LEGO Education.

Building plots in Teglværkskvarteret (Tileworks District), Stationskvarteret (Station District) and Søkvarteret (Lake District) are available for sale. Construction will proceed over the next 15 years.

Please visit www.næ for further information.

Key figures

•    Located 20 minutes by train from CPH Central Station
•    Floorspace: 382,000 m2
•    3,000 dwellings
•    Offices, retail, culture and public service: 58,000 m2
•    Potential residents: 8,000


Area 65 ha
m2 homes (further) 325,150
m2 offices (further) 17,000
 m2 retail 4,500
 m2 culture and institutions 36,250


Copenhagen Central Station 30 km
Copenhagen Airport 33 km
Nearest highway access 3.5 km
Nearest railway station 0 km
Local shopping street 0 km
Roskilde University Center 6 km

More information

Project owner:
NærHeden P/S
Industrivej 2
2640 Hedehusene

Ole Møller, Project Director
+45 30 50 55 75