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Roskilde - Musicon



Musicon is a creative urban district that celebrates Roskilde’s prominent musical, innovative and artistic legacy. A legacy that is manifested in the development of new offices, a range of companies, residential buildings, green spaces and cultural activities.

Until 2006, the district housed the Unicon concrete factory. Today Musicon has been transformed into a whole new neighbourhood of Roskilde City. People use the area for many different purposes:  for leisure, as a workspace, for living in, for excitement and for new experiences. Musicon is also attractive to investors and developers and Roskilde Municipality is continually selling properties for building projects. Former production facilities are also for sale, providing exciting development potential.

Urban development in Musicon has been a dynamic process from the beginning. Roskilde Municipality is building a city for people and it therefore listens to them and interacts with them. The thinking behind Musicon is to stay open minded to new ideas and to embrace new possibilities and suggestions. Today the area is growing from both the bottom and the top. With its newly added urban features, Musicon is a unique area combining elements from the old concrete factory with new buildings and green spaces, together with sustainable solutions and work by some of the best award-winning architects.

In 2017 Musicon had accommodation for 196 young people and 35 townhouses. Musicon also houses the RAGNAROCK museum for pop, rock and youth culture, a technical college and several former industrial buildings that have been transformed into cultural and leisure facilities. Additionally, 90 apartments and an adult education college are being built and another 50,000 m2 are scheduled for development over the next two years.

Today Musicon houses over 50 different companies and many new people are moving into the area. It is popular with entrepreneurs, artists, schools, skaters, gamers etc. and is known as an area of high diversity. Musicon is expected to be complete in 15-20 years and will accommodate 1,000 residential units and 1,000 workplaces.

  • Roskilde railway station is only 1 km away, making Musicon a 15 minute walk away if you arrive by train. A frequent bus connection to the railway station also adds to the district’s excellent public transport links. At the same time the district is adjacent to the motorway to Copenhagen and all the other big cities in Denmark.
  • Musicon has developed into a diverse, vibrant and distinctive neighbourhood with a mixture of existing and new buildings, temporary and permanent spaces, and spontaneous and planned activities. Squares and outdoor spaces are designed to be optimal places for spending time, playing and meeting up in, and new spaces are being created this year.
  • Today you’ll find Musicon a district full of activity, creativity and many different kinds of people. Musicon has a 16,000 square metre skate hall, office communities, dance studios, rehearsal rooms, an art school, a gallery, food vendors, restaurants etc. which, together with the big event halls, accommodate more than 70 events every year.
  • In 2012 the award-winning Rabalder Parken was built – the world’s first combined rainwater basin and skate park, which attracted many people to Musicon.
  • In 2016 the world famous Ragnarock museum for pop, rock and youth culture opened in Musicon. Because of the museum, people are now talking about Musicon all over the world and we are delighted by the opportunities and publicity Ragnarock is bringing to the area.
  • Each year the Roskilde Festival is held next to Musicon and the plan is to move their new headquarters into the area within the next few years. This year the building of Roskilde Festival adult education college will be completed in time for the college to receive its first 100 students in January 2019.
  • Musicon’s urban planning and development is rather unique. We are inviting investors to join us in our vision of creating a new kind of urban district, where creativity, art and music fill in the gaps between the buildings. So far Musicon has enjoyed great success, and we are looking forward to working with more investors in creating this vision of a new, creative urban district.

Key figures

Area: 25 ha
Project owner: Roskilde Municipality

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Musicon Secretariat
Tel: +45 46 31 68 68


Area 25 ha
m2 homes (expected by 2030) 90,000
m2 offices (expected by 2030) 90,000
m2 halls for reuse 15,000
m2 multi-level parking (expected by 2030) 30,500


Copenhagen Central Station 36 km
Copenhagen Airport 41 km
Copenhagen Business School 33 km
University of Copenhagen 34 km
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) 41 km

Musicon Secretariat
Tel: +45 46 31 68 68