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Hassleholm Nord

Hässleholm Nord is a development area for logistics and industrial operations. With a completed local plan, Hässleholm Municipality is ready to establish a new industrial area with a possible railway connection. The expansion pace will be determined by the market’s interest in establishment in the area.

As a large industrial area, Hässleholm Nord is ready for operations to move in shortly. In the long term, the area could develop into a so-called “dry port” which would include a combination terminal connecting the railway to northern Europe’s biggest cargo ports. 

Hässleholm Nord includes opportunities for a combination terminal/logistics centre, a logistics and industrial park, and a service park. Step by step, the area can grow at a pace set by market demand. 

The project is aimed at businesses with a clear need for logistics, property developers who want to establish and run a combination terminal, railway operators and service providers. 

Hässleholm Nord is located by large production and consumption areas with businesses such as Finja AB, Absolut Vodka, Scan and Ballingslöv. When the Fehmarn Belt link opens, market conditions will improve markedly. Hässleholm will become a natural start- and end point for connections to international transport links with large “core ports” on the way. Location is everything.

Investment Projects

  • Industry and logistics park with opportunities for industrial tracks
  • Combination terminal – cargo reloading station to and from railway
  • Service park – road service, restaurant, motel and various services for the area


  • Total surface area is 120 hectares. 
  • The industrial area is ready for exploitation at a pace set by demand. The local plan for industrial land has been determined, and when establishments are made, the desired infrastructure will be expanded. 
  • The railway network with the southern trunk line passes the area, and there are opportunities for future railway logistics directly from the area. Railway logistics are already possible via the existing reloading zone in Hässleholm. Hässleholm has railway tracks in five directions, towards Stockholm, Malmö/Copenhagen, Karlshamn and Markaryd (opportunities for expansion to Halmstad/Gothenburg in the long term). 
  • The area is connected to arterial roads 21 and 23. The E4 can be reached via road 117. 
  • Malmö is 40 minutes away, Helsingborg 60 minutes, Lund 30 minutes, and Copenhagen Airport 60 minutes. 
  • Hässleholm Municipality constitutes a railway hub with simple, intermodal logistics connections directly to Europe via Öresund and Fehmarn Belt. The region also offers intermodal connections to air traffic via Kastrup or to sea traffic via Karlshamn/Åhus/Ystad.


Roger Höjendal 

Trade and Industry Coordinator
Phone: +46 (0) 451 267229